10 Tips to Gardening


April is here and we are so excited to get outdoors and start planting! We’ve teamed up with Craig Dubisky, Owner of Carolina Food Gardens to bring you a few tips on how to ensure your garden blooms.

  1. Water your vegetable garden early in the morning so the water reaches the plants roots and you don’t experience evaporation into the air.
  2. If deer are a problem, next time you get your haircut, ask your beautician for her sweepings from the day and spread out around the garden. Makes it smell like human and lasts until a couple of good rains.
  3. Plant flowers to attract bees and butterflies as pollinators for larger yields.
  4. Plates of beer can sometimes take care of a snail and slug problem.
  5. Be careful on your fertilizer. Do some research. Different vegetables require different mixtures.
  6. Make natural markers for your garden by writing the name of your plants on the flat face of a stone with permanent marker.
  7. Be sure to plant beans some distance away from bulb-type vegetables (ex: garlic or onions) and peppers, they do not typically grow well together.
  8. Carrots, spinach and broccoli are great vegetables to plant in the spring.
  9. Cut a plastic milk hug in half and place the top half (with lid) over young seedlings effectively creating a protective greenhouse.
  10. Planning on growing some roses? Drop on banana peels into the ground around the base of your roses, they will provide extra nutrients as they decompose and your roses will thrive because of it.

A very special thanks to gardening expert, Craig, for sharing a few of the tips listed above! 

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