RH’s 2014 Valentine’s Day Couple


Maureen and Ed at a friend’s rehearsal dinner this past summer.

We are so excited to announce Raleigh Happening’s 2014 Valentine’s Day couple – Maureen McDonald and Ed Zyglis!

Although they both live in the City of Oaks they actually met at the age of 15 in their hometown of Buffalo, NY. The couple lost touch after high school for a number of years. Maureen moved to NC to attend law school at Wake Forest University and became a Civil litigation attorney in Raleigh upon graduation; while Ed remained in New York and became a teacher. They reconnected about 4 years ago. Maureen shares, “He was my go-to guy friend after bad dates, and I was his go-to for a girl’s perspective on things.”

They became closer over the years and during the Christmas of 2012 she went up to Buffalo and they met up for drinks. Maureen and Ed soon realized there was more to their friendship but a long distance relationship just didn’t seem practical. A few weeks later she went back up to Buffalo and they knew “this was it”. They traveled back and forth every other weekend to be together for 2 months until Ed made the decision to make Raleigh his home in order to be with Maureen.

Ed is now a 10th grade English teacher in Raleigh and also coaches the wrestling team for his school. The wrestling team will have their first round of the regional tournament on Valentine’s Day which is where this couple will be sharing a take-out dinner at the school. Ed says to Maureen, “I don’t need a day on the calendar to tell me to tell you how much I love you.” Now that’s love.

Happy Valentine’s day from all of us at Raleigh Happening! 

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