Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is a MUST GO Spot!

In just a little over a year, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has made a name for themselves around Raleigh. They have a few locations in the Triangle area and we paid a visit to their Seaboard location in Raleigh.

Bad Daddy's InteriorWe definitely dig the ambiance of the place! Lot’s of energy yet still cozy and family friendly…not overwhelming at all (even during the busy lunch rush).  The friendly staff is top notch and you can tell that Manager Cov DeRamus keeps everything running smoothly. They obviously take pride in their work and they definitely understand the concept of “local business”. Cov really impressed us with his passion for not just the food but also the community.

Bad Daddy's MenuUnfortunately today, huge conglomerate franchises rule the land and they never truly connect to the core of the community. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a business run by folks that understand the importance of “staying local”. They also understand the importance of giving back to the community and help it grow.  Bad Daddy’s not only uses locally sourced ingredients in their delicious fare, they also make sure to support the community. Even as they expand, they make sure to not lose that local connection. We definitely find that refreshing!

Bad Daddy's Fried PicklesBad Daddy's Tater TotsSo now you are probably wondering what we thought about the food! Since they are a Burger Bar, we obviously had to try their burgers! But first, we started with some appetizers. We saw a few posts on Foursquare raving about the Fried Pickles and we were not disappointed! Salty, crunchy goodness that was dangerously addicting! Perfect for snacking on while enjoying one of their fine selection of beers! The Tater Tots were on-point as well! Perfectly crispy and the chipotle based dipping sauce was a perfect companion. We’ll definitely be back for more starters! We’re particularly curious about those Backyard Chicken Nachos and Hand Cut Truffle Parmesan French Fries!

Bacon Cheeseburger on SteroidsNow on to the burgers! First up we have the Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids! We’re talking about an all out bacon assault here with a bacon salt seasoned burger, 3 pieces of jalapeño bacon and 3 pieces of applewood smoked bacon! Topped off with their in-house bacon mayo, Monterey Jack Cheese and all the fixings! We decided to go with the lettuce wrap instead of the bun. The different styles of bacon held their individual flavors well. The jalapeño had a nice heat that sneaks up on you and the applewood smoked bacon had a nice smokey-sweet flavor. The burger itself was ordered medium and cooked perfectly! The bacon salt seasoning added a little something extra to the already tasty burger. We went with their sweet potato fries on the side and they were also very good. Cooked just right with a nice crisp to them.

Bad Ass BurgerFor our second burger, we went with their Bad Ass Burger! They weren’t joking when they came up with this one! It starts off with a custom blended 10oz premium beef patty with the standard fixings. Then there’s horseradish mayo, handmade American cheese and pickles on a brioche bun. The kicker here is the buttermilk fried bacon! Yes, you read that right…buttermilk fried bacon! We’re talking bacon kicked up big time! Battered and fried perfectly! It reminded me of breakfast! The buttermilk fried bacon alone would be amazing in a sandwich but on this burger it’s insane! The huge beef patty was full of premium meaty flavor and cooked to a perfect medium. We also enjoyed the nicely toasted brioche bun which did an amazing job keeping everything together. The rest of the supporting ingredients made for a well rounded out package. We noted that the pickles were cut lengthwise instead of the standard rounds. This really added to the overall structure of the burger and shows their attention to detail. This is definitely a burger to reckon with and you will need a solid plan on how to attack this monster! As a side, we went with the Onion Straws. Again, perfectly cooked and full of flavor – watch out French’s! We noted that they weren’t overtly greasy and nicely kept their crunch.

Bad Ass Burger 2

For desert, we went with one of their tasty milk shakes made with home made ice cream! They have a few flavors to choose from and we went with the Birthday Cake. It’s obvious from the first taste that the ice cream is incredibly fresh! They nailed the birthday cake flavor profile and it was a delicious sweet treat!

Bad Daddy's SpecialsWe definitely plan to go back and explore their menu. Their salads have been raved about by others and the “Create your own burger” looks fun! They also have a Monday special that falls in line with our “Meal Deals”: $10 Beer and a Burger! You can’t go wrong with that! Make sure to check their website and Facebook page for all the latest specials.

And keep an eye out for some upcoming charity events. We’ll be covering that in other posts so stay tuned!!!!

Much thanks to Cov DeRamus and his wonderful staff for taking the time to talk to us and serving up some delicious food!

Photography By: Grana Studios

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
Seaboard Station
111 Seaboard Avenue, Raleigh, 27604
Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 11AM-10PM | Fri & Sat 11AM-11PM

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