How to Beat the Summer Heat

RH_KidsSwimmingThis article was prompted by the breaking down of an air conditioner – when it’s cooler outside than it is inside you’ve got to find ways to keep yourself cool! These southern summers are notorious for dehydration and sun burn so we’ve got a few do-it-yourself tips to help you cool off.


Frozen Treats
An instant fix and so easy to do! Sure you can have a glass of ice water, but doesn’t a nice frozen popsicle or sorbet sound even more delicious? All you need is a blender, fruit, sweetener (we like the honey from Tart Farms), water, some popsicle molds and you are ready to go. Don’t have popsicle molds? Grab an ice cube tray and make some fruity cubes to drop in your water. If you are feeling fancy add some mint to your blend to add an extra “cool” sensation.

Have a Party
If you’ve got a pool – that’s the perfect excuse to throw a pool party. Invite some friends and neighbors over and enjoy the cool water but make sure you put on that sun screen because the sun will reflect on the water upping the intensity so make sure you don’t burn! Don’t have a pool? You can still party it up with water balloon fights, water guns and a slip-n-slide – you are never too old to play!

Make Ice Packs
These are so simple to make and will last you awhile in terms of helping to cool you off. Run a wash cloth under cold water until thoroughly soaked, place cloth in a zip top sandwich bag and freeze. Once frozen, wrap a paper towel around the bag and place behind your neck or on your forehead. You will feel your whole body begin to cool within minutes.

Blow it Out
If you’ve got box fans in your house, face them outward pushing the hot air away from where you are. We know it may seem weird since the blowing air towards you may feel cooler, but trust us – it works. You can also adjust ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise, this will pull the hot air up and out otherwise you are just blowing warm air around.

Got Sightseeing
You can multi-task by cooling down at places like museums and art galleries while learning a little something along the way.

With temperatures on the rise it is even more important to stay well hydrated and protected from the sun! Have a fun and safe summer ya’ll.

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