A Cup or Three at Sola Coffee Cafe


Loose Leaf White Peach Tea at Sola Coffee Cafe

Yes, this is a cup of tea. No, you did not read the title of this article incorrectly. Sola Coffee Cafe is situated in the Greystone Village Shopping Center, this stand alone cafe may have simple surroundings but inside you will immediately feel at home. They have transformed an old bank building into comfortable seating areas with welcoming staff and coffee, tea and food done right.

This family-owned establishment is perfect for everything from a coffee-date to catch up with a friend or quick cup of joe to go. They also provide musical entertainment every week  Thursday-Saturday nights, artists vary every week. Other than fine coffee and cozy decor there are several reasons to enjoy coming into Sola:

Small Sustainable Farms
Sola sources their coffees and teas directly from small sustainable farms. We love anything that comes from a sustainable environment. Why? Because it’s not only good for the planet but for us as well!

Local Ingredients (When Possible)
Their sandwiches and salads are freshly made with the finest local ingredients when possible. Raleigh has some amazing produce and goods, Sola has done a great job of locating some top quality local resources for their cafe and the attention to detail does not go unnoticed.

Friendly Staff
The employees at Sola really round out the entire experience of coming in. They are friendly, knowledgeable and focused on providing excellent service at all times really making it a pleasant cafe experience.

Not Just Coffee
There are several coffee spots in the Raleigh area that are amazing. What sets Sola Coffee Cafe apart from the rest is the fact that not only is their coffee preparation magnificent but everything they offer is well thought out. From a nice loose leaf tea selection to a seasonal dining menu it is easy to see the pride that is put into everything offered at Sola.

It is easy to see why people can come in and spend some time… and several cups of coffee (or tea) at Sola. So go in, grab a cup of joe with a friend and enjoy the experience! 

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