Earth Day Everyday – 5 Things To Help Be Green

RH_RecycleSpring is in full swing and the world around us is becoming a little greener which means it’s almost time to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd). All month long the city of Raleigh will be holding events for families and individuals to enjoy and do something good for the environment. Check out our calendar to see events! For a little history of the origination of Earth Day check out this great recap of the global movement that brought environmental issues to light.

We all know the saying “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Fighting for a clean environment doesn’t happen on just one day, there are simple things we can do each and every day to make a difference in the world we live in. Now we’re not saying you should go out and buy a compost bin immediately (which you can absolutely do) but perhaps start out small and build up to more a earth-friendly, and often budget-friendly, lifestyle. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • RH_ReusableBagPlastic Bags
    Did you know that according to the Ocean Conservancy, plastic bags are among the top 5 items of debris found most often in coastal cleanups? When you get home from the grocery store and put the groceries away you are most likely left with a pile of plastic bags and nothing to do with them. You can:

    1. Reuse them as trash can liners in your bathroom(s) or home office
    2. Reuse them as poop bags for your dog instead of buying rolls of small bags
    3. Limit (or eliminate) the number of bags you bring home by bringing your own bags with you! Nowadays some grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s, actually give you money off your total purchase when you use your own bags
    4. Keep a few in your car for emergencies and for when you need to tidy up on a road trip
  • Plant a Tree or Flowers
    This April many places are giving away free tree seedlings! Not only will planting a tree or bed of flowers help reduce CO2 and various particles in the air but it add to our city’s already beautiful landscape. Many local farmers markets have herb stands as well, its a great time to start an herb garden.
  • Clean Streets
    When you are walking around downtown or even in your own neighborhood, take a look at the ground. You might be surprised to see a crumpled paper cup or empty can of soda. We walk by these things all the time and think ‘It’s not mine’ or ‘Someone else will get it’ – next time pick it up and put it in the recycling or trash bin.
  • RH_WaterBottlesHydration Station
    Invest in one or two inexpensive reusable water bottles and stop purchasing disposable bottles. You can get reusable water bottles at almost any grocery, health and drug store – many of which come with in-bottle filters!
  • Sunny Days
    Now that our days are filled with longer hours of sunlight you can use this natural resource to help save some money on your electric bills.

Lets show our support for environmental protection! 

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