Family Fun Snow Day Activities

RH_SnowThis winter has been surprisingly snowy! While your children are celebrating their ‘freedom’ from school, you may be worried about how to fend off boredom and keep everyone entertained. Television and movies can sometimes be an easy distraction but why not do some activities together and really take advantage of having extra family time.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Capture childhood memories as the snow falls and select your favorite to frame. It’s not often we have these wintery storms so if you love photography you can even ask your children to make collages out of photos you’ve taken.

Warm Up with Kitchen Delights
Comforting meals and snacks like chicken noodle soup, macaroni & cheese, chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa (with mini marshmallows of course!) can be a fun way to involve everyone in the family. Get your children to help measure and mix as you chop and prep ingredients, as the food cooks your home will be filled with warmth and delicious aromas for everyone to enjoy.

Story Time
Have your children select one book each to read out loud. Inside the cover, write down their name, the date and why he/she chose that book – this way you capture the moment will always have it as a memory as they grow up.

Refresh and Reorganize
This is the perfect time to revitalize a room in the house. Pick a room to refresh and ask your children to help move furniture around and even create some fun wall art with picture frames, photos and drawings.

Build a Fort
Turn your living room into a fortress! Stack pillows, blankets and comforters all around the room creating a comfortable place for everyone to gather. Tell scary stories, funny jokes or put a movie on and make some popcorn.

Make your snow days fun and memorable! Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy your day in with your family. 

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