Fashion Fix: Fragrance/Parfum

By Terry Johnson, Jr.

Terry Johnson, Jr., Fashion Contributor

When it comes to the art of perfumery, the country France stands above all. The French has the top brands such as Chanel No. 5, Estée Lauder, Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs, Guerlain Shalimar, Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo, and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle just to name a few. The fragrance capital of the world is a small town in the Alpes-Maritimes on the French Riviera called Grasse. Since the 17th century the fragrance industry has been a part of the Grasse community. The microclimate is sunny and mild which tends to be perfect for growing flowers such as centifolia rose, jasmine, mimosa, and tuberose.

terry_feb_fashion2Fragrance plays a significant part in how your world is perceived by others. One whiff of your fragrance can be an invitation as a conversation opener. Be it business or pleasure for any gender your scent can make or break your flow. Too much can be a complete turn off to one just saying “Hi”. You want the conversation vs having someone using the one finger across the nose look as they rush off. The right fragrance will lure someone else into your circle for a moment; it can change someone else’s mood.

As my own renowned “secret shopper”, I tend to stay away from fragrances that are popular or trending. I frequent high end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue to review their fragrances. Saks tend to carry fragrances that are not carried in most other places. Next I try it on. I search for a smell that will catch my senses. As a fragrance connoisseur I’ll know it when I smell it. Finally, I use to find the fragrance I want at a more reasonable price. Fragrances are expensive. I am always looking for a bargain on quality to avoid paying retail price. It pays to compare prices. The two concentration levels to choose from are eau de toilette versus eau de parfum. This verifies the total concentration of aromatic compounds in your fragrance bottle, as well as dictates the monetary value you’re subjected to pay. There are various notes that make up the fragrance for male, female, and unisex. The list is endless and the choices we have seem limitless.

At the end of the day the fragrance(s) we choose are special to us. Sometimes the smell will take us to a place that no one else gets. So for that moment the smell of the fragrance is our sentimental time to go wherever it may be… Fragrance is personal…

terry_feb_fashionI had the opportunity to watch the movie “Finding Neverland” starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, and Julie Christie. Johnny Depp plays a writer named JM Barrie who befriends a widow (Kate Winslet) and her 4 sons who inspire him to create the character Peter Pan. JM Barrie believed you can create the world you want to create. In reality fashion & fragrances are my world. I create the world I want through fashion & fragrances. The world is my runway and fashion provides the outlet for me to tell the story I want.

For fragrance and fashion advice reach out to Terry at The League of Fashion!

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