Fashion Fix: Swimwear


Photo Credit: Ethan David Studios

By Terry Johnson, Jr.

Like seriously, how many times did we have snow, freezing rain, ice, snow again, more freezing rain, and then ice again, followed by warm weather, then back to cold again, and… yes, you’ve guessed it, freezing rain and ice… again! After the stubborn winter we’ve just experienced, I never thought I would be happy to see yellow pollen!

Spring is finally here and the warming trend has begun. As the long awaited spring weather debut into longer, warmer, sunnier days, it’s time to bring out those shorts, sandals, t-shirts, tank tops, and swimwear. With Memorial Day quickly approaching, many people will be heading to the beach or the pool wearing their latest and greatest swimwear attire to show off all the hard work they put into their bodies while at the gym during the long brutal winter months. For some of you, however, your swimwear attire may reveal it’s time for a new swimsuit.

Photo Credit: Ethan David Studios

Photo Credit: Ethan David Studios

Now is as good a time as any for you to find and purchase a swimsuit that you like and that fits comfortably. With a wide variety of swimsuits out there to choose from, how could anybody be certain they are making the right swimsuit choice? Sometimes our choices are spontaneous. We might decide to purchase a swimsuit based on what is appealing to us, or based on what we think we know looks good on us. A swimsuit can show off the good we have as well as the bad. That is why understanding how to choose the right swimsuit will make all the difference.

The first step is to understand your body type! Knowing your body type is a must, as it will save you plenty of time looking at bathing suits that do not cater to your assets. The next step is to highlight your best features, and downplay your worst. This step is where too many people go wrong. To be successful at this step requires you to understand that your assessment colors can assist in highlighting your positives, which will make you feel comfortable and RH_WomenSwimwearconfident. For women, try separates using bright colors or patterns to highlight, and darker colors to downplay.

The third step has to do with skin tones. You should choose bright colors, such as red, orange, or yellow for darker skin, and for pale skin use darker colors like navy, grape, burgundy, and dark earth tones. The fourth step has to do with choosing the cut that is best for you! For women, the tankini style bathing suit focuses more on the waist; boy shorts give wideness to the hips, a one-piece hides your waist, tie-fronts draws the eyes to the breast, and high-cut bottoms add length to the legs.

RH_MenSwimwearFor men, it is important to consider the fit around the legs and around the mid-section, and the swimsuit’s material. If all else fails, a fifth step would be to simply seek the advice of a professional at your local store that carries what you like.

Always remember, just because it is in your size does not mean it looks good on you. The mirror has a strange way of revealing the truth if we’re willing to see it.

Photo Credit: Ethan David Studios – A very special thank you for coming out and shooting in the rain! 

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