What’s Underneath Matters!

Terry Johnson Jr. HeadshotBy Terry Johnson, Jr. 

The best way to feel good about you is to dress with sex appeal. This starts with what others don’t see.

Briefs, Boxers, Panties & Bras… Sexy undergarments WILL provide you with the first step to feeling confident. Undergarments are as important as a comfortable pair of dress shoes or pumps. Ladies, slip on that bra & panty set that gives the boost you need. Men, the right pair of boxers or briefs will bring back that swag you may have lost. The rest of your wardrobe will follow. You’ll have your own intimate moment before sharing with others. Those around you will see it in your walk.

If you’ve fallen into being comfortable in granny panties or briefs that beg forgiveness, it’s time to stop & shop! Take this “ah-ha” moment to go out and replenish that drawer with a renewed appreciation for what’s underneath. After all it does matter!

The following tips can be used as a guideline to help you harness your inner sexy.

Tips for Women:

  1.  Understand Your Body Type:
    • Knowing your body type will assist you with your comfort ability and help you avoid plenty of pitfalls. Your comfort is of vital importance. If your panties ride up, pinches, or curls around the waist you will need to go up in size. If your panties sag or slip, try a smaller size. For sizing use chart at store or on the back of panty packs for your appropriate size.
    • The right bra size can make or break an outfit. Your bra should not dig into your skin, bulge over the top, nor fall out of the cup while bending over.
    • Get properly fitted for your bra once a year by a trained professional.
  2. Fabric:
    •  The softer the fabric the better. Remember your bra and panties sit on your skin all day. Avoid thick fabrics as it bunches, can be uncomfortable and irritating.
    • Fabrics to consider: Cotton, Lycra, Microfiber, Nylon, Silk, Cashmere, High-End Polyester and Bamboo.
  3. Style – Panties:
    • RH_LingerieBriefs are classics that provide full coverage concealing your bottom.
    • Bikini is the most popular panty that provides style, comfort and meek coverage (less than brief). Bikini’s are available in cotton, mesh, lace, and microfiber.
    • Boyshorts are a contemporary panty providing full coverage that is very attractive.
    • Thongs are a sexier choice with a thick waistband providing full to little frontal coverage with no coverage on the bottom.
    • G-String takes off where the thong leaves off with lesser material and the closest you will get to your birthday suit.
  4. Style – Bras:
    • RH_Bras_1Push-up Bras have assorted pads to push your breasts upward and inward to embellish cleavage and breast size.
    • Sports Bras provides additional support during athletic/physical activities.
    • Strapless Bras a strapless design using an extra-wide band for support.
    • Front Closure Bras are just like it sounds the closure is in the front in the middle of the breast.
    • Bralette Bras usually unlined wireless bras no closure soft cup pullover.
    • Convertible Bras straps can be detached or rearranged for various looks.
    • Soft Cup, Demi, Padded, Plunge, Long Line, T-Shirt, Underwire, Shelf, and Racerback Bras to round it off.
  5. Climate:
    • If it is hot outside polyester is to be avoided! Cotton is the fabric of choice during those hot and humid days.
  6. Occasion:
    • Variety is important when it comes to panties and bra. Depending on your activity level will determine the panties/bra you wear. Going to the gym, working in the yard, going to your job etc. plays a role in your chose of panties/bra.

The Bra Patch, located at 1603 North Market Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609, has been around for 38 years specializing in custome bras, hard-to-fit bras, bridal and formal foundation wear, maternity and nursing bras, mastectomy bras, sport bras, swim wear and a whole lot more. Ask for Ruth Dowdy (Owner) or her staff of professional bra fitters who will assist you with your needs.

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone: 919-876-8677
  • Hours: Tues. – Fri. 10am – 6pm.; Sat. 10am – 5pm; Closed Sun. & Mon.

Tips for Men:

  1. Comfort:
    • The way underwear feels against your skin is important. They should not be a source of pain or misery. Spend some time experimenting to arrive at the right underwear for you. Also knowing your size comes in handy; my rule of thumb is if you know your pants waist size your underwear will follow.
  2. Waist Size:
    • Small…28-30 inches
    • Medium…32-34 inches
    • Large…36-38 inches
  3. Fabric:
    • Men’s underwear comes in a variety of fabrics such as: cotton, wool blend, spandex, silk, nylon, Lycra and etc.
  4. Climate:
    • The warmer the weather cotton underwear and the cooler the weather flannel, wool blend, or Lycra.
  5. RH_StripedBoxersStyle:
    • Briefs have a thick elastic waistband, a Y-shaped front fly, and full coverage of the back end.
    • Boxers are loose and shaped much like shorts that cover part of the thigh.
    • Boxer Briefs are tapered boxers with a snug like fit of briefs. They are popular for most men for their support. These wear well with slim/skinny pants.
  6. Occasion:
    • Variety is important when it comes to underwear. Depending on your activity level will determine the underwear you wear. Going to the gym, working in the yard, going to your job etc. plays a role in your chose of underwear.

Never sacrifice you. Never miss being that sexy confident you. This is your wake up call. This is your reminder to do YOU! 

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