From Faux to Pro: The Top Eight Pro Picture Taking Tips to Help Reduce Stress for Holiday Pictures

PortraitInnov_1Whether you’re planning to take pictures at home or want to enlist the help of some of the world’s best photographers, we all want to capture great shots of our families and friends. Here are a few things that will help you stay relaxed, get memorable photos and enjoy the holiday season just a little more.

  1. Don’t rush out for high-quality equipment: Expensive cameras won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know how to use them. Leave the professional equipment to us!
  2. Take too many shots: You’ll have to click fast to get the moment that you want, so it’s best to over-shoot, get tons of options and then delete the ones you don’t want later.
  3. Get some face time: Step in and capture a few super close shots. Then, mix it up and go back to capture the broader situation.
  4. Think of composition and arrangement: Use backgrounds or props to help support your story, but not draw away from it. At Portrait Innovations, we use a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and winter wonderland backdrops to set the tone and the timeline for life-long memorable portraits.
  5. Nail the focus: This is as simple as paying closer attention to where your camera is focusing prior to releasing the shutter. It will change your photos!
  6. PortraitInnov_2Dress to impress: Darker solids and vertical stripes are more flattering than bright colors and extremely large or busy patterns.
  7. Add variety: The more angles your body can create the better. Turn your body slightly away from the camera and tilt your shoulders and head. Then, slightly adjust your pose for each picture. A minor turn of the head or angle to the body can make all the difference within that background, lighting and zoom.
  8. Keep up the holiday cheer: Whether you take photos at home or at a professional studio, try to have fun. Emotions carry through photos and the memories you want to capture are not stress or boredom.

Special thanks so the folks over at Portrait Innovations for sharing these awesome tips to make your holiday pics perfect! They specialize in giving customers a customized portrait studio experience with creative options for beautiful, professional portraits and personalized keepsakes. You can not only get great portraits, but also complete your holiday shopping list with greeting cards, ornaments, mugs and other unique gifts. To learn more or find the studio near you, visit

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