January Fashion Fix: You!

Terry Johnson, Jr., Fashion Contributor

Terry Johnson, Jr., Fashion Contributor

There is one person you see more than any other. You are with that person every single day of your existence, and you know more about this individual than any other person in your life. The things you have learned about this person have been of great value to YOU! I am sure by now you realize this person is YOU! Yes, you are that person, my friend. The status quo in your life is YOU!

We spend so much time trying to fight the status quo in our careers, family, parenting, relationships, our financial future, and in our level of spiritual consciousness that we fail to re-examine the status quo within ourselves. What I intend by this phrase is that we often become so engrossed with our personal economy—the things in our lives that we feel truly matter—that we become too comfortable to even tolerate change within and about our selves. You will always notice the signs that indicate an individual is becoming set in her or his ways because they will usually become resistant to change.

Ok, I get it, challenging the givens of your personal economy, (family, home, passions, career, etc.), is often impractical. What is most interesting, however, is that the givens of your personal economy changes throughout your personal evolution, moving from one place of priority to another while you continue evolving into a fully functioning person. I believe your personal fashion style is just as much a part of your personal economy as your career is. Your fashion style is an important value in your life. You should change your fashion often to reflect your multifaceted, constantly evolving self. Never before, have there been so much fashion information at our fingertips, and yet we are so complacent about our fashion persona, that we neglect to attend to, and much less consider, changing up our fashion. It may very well be that age and lifestyle have something to do with our lack of attention to the details of our fashion style. I tend to think, however, that normality is the culprit; we are simply too comfortable and or too accepting of the status quo in our lives and thus NOT willing to make fashion changes.

Terry_JanuaryQuote2_OutlinedSome people prefer wearing that one and only “favorite fragrance.” Please understand, merely splashing the same tired fragrance on your skin days and weeks and months is not good. Claiming that same old tired perfume or cologne, as your “signature fragrance” is just a creative way of saying “I am not sure I want to experience a new fresh fragrance that might make me feel amazing.” Unless you are a celebrity and a company imprinted your picture on the label of a fragrance, and you receive a paycheck or royalties, you do not have a signature fragrance. So, stop it! There are also those individuals who like wearing denim or a particular type of shoe or hairstyle. Then there are those people whose boring one-color wardrobes are in desperate need of a serious color adjustment.

Terry_JanuaryQuote_OutlinedHere’s the deal, YOU have one life to live and thus one lifetime to weigh anchor from the mooring bollards of unstylish fashion, and begin to change, adjust, and experience living your life. You are going to make mistakes, so why not change up occasionally; you will make mistakes but you will also learn more about YOU! I challenge you to embrace the idea of changing the status quo of your personal fashion. Go out and purchase a new fragrance. Experience wearing new and different types of fragrances and notice that they make you feel fashionably put together. Get off the sofa, get out of the house, and go purchase a different shoe style. Consider a fashionably different denim cut and color. As you stand before a body mirror, take a good hard look at your attire and then seriously consider a thorough fashion makeover. While you’re at it, make an appointment with a hair stylist to change your hairstyle.

May I suggest a goal for the start of the first quarter of 2015? Focus on how to make YOU fashionably better, you are worth it. 

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