Meet the Chefs: Chef Brent Martin & Chef Joseph Cornett, Charlotte Series Champions

There are two chefs coming out of the Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series Charlotte Championship! We are excited to introduce you to both Chef Brent Martin and Chef Joseph Cornett.

Brent Martin (Charlotte)Meet Chef Brent Martin

Champion: Charlotte Series
From: The Summit Room in Charlotte, NC

In the words of Chef Brent: My cooking style is a refined Southern approach to my cooking but, in general, my culinary roots are based on old school techniques with modern, advanced plating.

The NC ingredients I use include cheeses, greens and produce.


Joseph Cornett (Charlotte)Meet Chef Joseph Cornett

Champion: Charlotte Series
From: The Flipside Café in Fort Mill

In the words of Chef Joseph: My cooking style is  Classically trained Chef heavily influenced by southern cuisine.

Do you utilize NC ingredients in your menu? Yes- UAV cheeses, produce from Rosemary Pete, Harmony Ridge, Tega Hills, etc. My competitive advantage is I have won this competition before, but my name wasn’t on the check.

The Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series, a single-elimination tournament highlighting the best of the Carolina’s food, agriculture and culinary talent, is gearing up for its Battle of Champions series in which five top regional chefs will battle it out to take home the coveted annual championship title. Foodies from the Carolinas and beyond are invited to attend the four live dinner events Oct. 28 to 31 in Raleigh, savoring the full-service, six-course meals and serving as judges. Tickets to these interactive battles are now sold out, check out to learn more about the events.

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