How to Properly Celebrate New Years

HappyNewYearWe all love watching the ball (or acorn!) drop on the very last second of the year. The coming of the new year symbolizes a fresh start for many, usually celebrating what is to come and make resolutions to [insert your goal here]. Restaurants and lounges stay open late so we can enjoy libations and the company of friends/family. Make this New Year’s celebration one to remember by sticking to a few key safety tips:


  • For a Successful Night Out

    • Assign a designated driver, take public transportation, or reserve a taxi for the end of the evening (we’ve provided a list below)
    • Leave a light on in your house and ensure your doors are locked before you leave
    • Only drink beverages you order and pick up directly from the server/bartender
    • Never leave your (or your friend’s) drink unattended
    • Stick to the buddy system when using the restroom, venturing on the dance floor and even to make a phone call outside
    • Stay hydrated throughout the night by drinking a water between adult beverages
  • For a Fun Night in
    • Print out a few copies of the local taxi companies listed below and have on hand if guests need a ride home
    • Be prepared to have some over-night guests if necessary
    • Dump any cups that haven’t been touched in awhile
    • Have plenty of snacks and food options available, no drinking on an empty stomach
    • Keep a case of bottled water in your refrigerator and hand out as the night progresses
    • Make some fun mocktails for your non-drinking buddies, water and soda can get boring
      • Suggestions: Sparkling Apple Cider, Virgin Bellinis, Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Make this coming year spectacular by having a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. Remember – buzzed driving is still drunk driving and benefits no one in the end. We thank all of you for your support in growing Raleigh Happening this past year and look forward to continued success in the year to come! Have fun, be safe and be happening!

Raleigh & Triangle Taxi Companies

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