Raleigh Meal Deals: Gino’s Pizza

Gino's All-Day Special - 2 Slices with 1 Topping Each and a Drink for $5.95

Gino’s All-Day Special – 2 Slices with 1 Topping Each and a Drink for $5.95

Tucked in the back corner of the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center on Glenwood Avenue (just a few stores to the right of Bed, Bath & Beyond) sits Gino’s Pizza. They are set up like the standard pizza joint you would expect find up north – modest decor, framed images of NYC hung on the walls, and caddies on each table housing several shakers to top your pie or slices with salt, pepper, grated Parmesan, red pepper flakes, granulated garlic or dried oregano.

As you can see from their website their menu includes authentic New York pizzas, calzones, Italian subs and pastas; but what drew us in was their all-day special – 2 big slices of pizza with one topping and a drink for only $5.96!

For those of you who love authentic NY pizza, Gino’s will not disappoint. We ordered 2 All-Day Specials. One with a slice of pepperoni and mushrooms (pictured), the other with Italian sausage and mushrooms.

As you can see they weren’t kidding when they said “big slices” – each one longer than a standard paper plate. The topping-to-cheese-to-sauce ratio is just one reason to keep coming back to Gino’s. The sauce is light with a delicious sweetness and tang that matches well with the cheese and crust. As you can see – they don’t skimp on the toppings which are both flavorful, high quality and go nearly to the edge of the crust. I thought the pepperoni might get salty after a few bites but was pleasantly surprised when it remained quite “meaty”.

Now, the crust is great but if you are looking for that classic fold-able NY slice, opt to get a whole pie. I think this all-day deal is made using a plain cheese pie first then adding the toppings to each slice per order which leaves the crust with a nice crunch after their 2nd bake. Which is completely understandable and gets no complaints from me because Gino’s just makes good pizza. So much in fact – we went back a few days later for another 2 slices!

The total for our bill (2 All-Day Specials = 4 slices with one topping each + 2 drinks) was $12.00 after tax or $6.00 per person. Our verdict – this is a great spot for a quick and really tasty meal that won’t break the bank for lunch or dinner. If you are a garlic lover – try a slice of their garlic pizza, its amazing (just eat a mint after!).

Gino’s Pizza
6260 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 126, Raleigh, NC
Cuisine: Italian
Best Deal: $5.96 2 slices with one topping each & a drink all-day special
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 11:00AM-9:00PM, Friday-Saturday 11:00AM-10:00PM, Sunday 11:00AM-9:00PM
Services: Walk-Ins Welcome, Good for Groups, Good for Kids, Take Out, Delivery (limited area), Catering

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