RelyMD Brings Doctor’s House Call into Digital Age

RelyMD_rgb-logo_v3New Telemedicine Medical Practice Makes Doctors Available 24/7 at Home

RelyMD (, a new consumer telemedicine practice making doctor’s visits by video available to North Carolinians in the comfort and convenience of their own home, has officially launched statewide. RelyMD is a major breakthrough in telemedicine providing care, for both adults and children, by currently practicing emergency physicians through a computer, a web camera and internet connection.

Wake Emergency Physicians, PA, a Raleigh-based practice of nearly 90 emergency medicine physicians, developed and will staff RelyMD. RelyMD is the only independent, in-state telemedicine service staffed by a large team of physicians located in North Carolina who are board certified, residency-trained emergency medicine specialists.

“RelyMD is a major breakthrough in medical care for consumers, providing an alternative means of after-hours doctor visits by way of video and avoiding the time and expense of emergency rooms or walk-in clinics,” said Jim Palombaro, MD, president of Wake Emergency Physicians and a leadership member of the RelyMD team. “Starting now, North Carolinians can really experience what it’s like to have a 21st century version of a doctor’s house call.”

RelyMD’s innovative online platform enables consumers to contact at their convenience physicians 24/7 and be notified via text, phone or by computer when the doctor can see them, typically with a wait time of less than 10 minutes. This service will allow patients to be evaluated quickly and conveniently and avoid long wait times and the expense of busy hospital emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. RelyMD charges $49.95 for a basic appointment.

The RelyMD online platform that patients log onto was designed by a company that provides online security for military websites, ensuring that patient information remains confidential, secure and conforms to all federal patient privacy laws.

RelyMD’s services are intended to augment – not replace – those of the individual or family’s regular medical care provider, Palombaro said. The company can quickly make its records available for the patient’s regular physician or primary care provider and even write and promptly submit prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy.

In the end, RelyMD provides sound urgent medical care around the clock but saves patients and their insurance providers the time and expenses of emergency room and urgent care visits which can cost well over $1,000 and take hours, Palombaro said.

“While not every kind of medical issue is suitable for an evaluation through telemedicine, consumers will be surprised by how much experienced physicians can determine through asking the right questions, having proper ‘give and take’ with a patient along with a quality video interaction,” said Robert Park, MD, Rely MD’s Director of Telemedicine.

In instances where it’s obvious a patient is in a serious or potentially life-threatening situation, RelyMD’s physicians will make it clear that the patient needs to go to an emergency room as soon as possible and will even help facilitate contact with a hospital.

However, RelyMD can provide highly effective care for routine illnesses or accidents in which the doctor can quickly make a diagnosis and suggest a treatment. RelyMD physicans can also help a worried patient or caregiver determine if they are well served by waiting overnight to see their regular doctor or medical provider.

A mobile app from RelyMD that allows patient-doctor interaction through a smartphone or tablet is under development and expected to launch later in 2015.

To learn more about how RelyMD works, visit

RelyMD Facts

  • RelyMD launched its website ( in January 2015, providing N.C. consumers convenient 24-hour medical care with its physicians by way of video. Patients log in via their computer, webcam and internet service.
  • RelyMD is the only independently operated in-state telemedicine service in which care is provided by North Carolina-based physicians, each of whom is currently practicing emergency medicine.
  • RelyMD’s online approach allows the patient to quickly schedule a video appointment with one of its physicians in the comfort of his or her home, 24 hours a days.
  • Telemedicine care from RelyMD is a cost-effective alternative to crowded emergency rooms where the visit can last for hours and cost more than $1,000.
  • The basic fee for an appointment with a RelyMD physician is $49.95.
  • RelyMD may be a cost-effective alternative for employers and insurance companies to the expense of an emergency room or walk-in clinics after hours.
  • RelyMD was started by Wake Emergency Physicians, PA, an established Raleigh-based practice of nearly 90 physicians and 49 physician assistants who are currently providing hospital emergency room care.
  • RelyMD’s board-certified or eligible emergency medicine physicians are excellent with diagnostic care as they provide emergency room service (including pediatric care) under contract with several hospitals including one of the largest hospitals in the Triangle region. They treat approximately 300,000 people each year in Raleigh and the surrounding areas.
  • To schedule an appointment 24-7, patients log onto RelyMD’s website ( They’re notified by text, phone or computer when the physician can see them, typically with a wait time under 10 minutes. The platform was designed by a company that provides security for military websites in which security and protection of sensitive information is essential.
  • While not all ailments can be diagnosed via video, many can. The physician is trained to evaluate by asking questions, watching patients self administer specific diagnostic tasks and the normal give and take between doctor and patient, even with children.
  • Access to RelyMD’s website is currently available for computers with a webcam. A mobile app that allows patient-doctor interaction through a smartphone or tablet is under development and expected to launch later this year.
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