Granola You and Your Family Will Beg For

RH_HuntingtonKitchenLogoHave you ever gotten into a zone at work or while studying for an exam where time just passes by and when you finally look at the clock 4-5 hours have passed? You feel your stomach growling or just want a quick snack and have nothing around you but fast food or left-overs. BLAH.

We recently tried some of the tasty offerings from Huntington Kitchen, a Raleigh-based purveyor of scratch made artisanal foods. There are several reasons why their granolas and nut butters are so unique, here are just a few:

  1. Everything is scratchmade
  2. They use fresh all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients available
  3. They are local
  4. Their products are just so darn delicious

Their Maine Maple Blueberry Granola blend has the perfect balance of sweet and salty with a touch of tart from the berries which will leave you feeling as if summer could last all year round. It makes a great snack to keep in your purse, backpack or desk drawer but also kicks up your regular breakfast routine when you toss some in a bowl and pour over milk. YUM.

Not a maple or blueberry fan? No worries, Huntington Kitchen has several blends to satisfy your cravings! Their signature Carolina Blend is comprised of peanuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds and raisins with oats and honey. Those of you with a sweet tooth will enjoy When Peanut Butter Meets Chocolate granola which incorporates their own Chocolate Peanut Butter, freshly roasted local peanuts,  almonds, chocolate chips and a few other fun ingredients. Rounding out their granola selection is their Strawberry Banana Blend which includes an added crunch from roasted cashews.

Another product we’ve tried is their Coffee Vanilla Peanut Butter made with 100% NC-grown peanuts, locally roasted coffee beans from Counter Culture Coffee and scratch-made bourbon Madagascar vanilla extract. You could spread some on a slice of toast or your favorite fruit but we enjoy it in it’s purest form – on a spoon. They also offer 4 other nut butters including Proper Peanut Butter which total ingredients include: NC Peanuts, molasses sugar and sea salt.

In conclusion – we’d trade up bags of potato chips or candy bars any day for these treats from Huntington Kitchen!

About Huntington Kitchen
Huntington Kitchen creates delightful blends of granola and nut butters for every taste! Each of Huntington Kitchen’s products are made from scratch using the freshest all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients available. You can order from their online store or find them in several retail locations around Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Learn more or order online at

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