Putting the Art in Artisan Breads

Steak Banh Mi & Croque Monsieur from La Farm Bakery Bread Truck Photo Credit: Grana Studios

Steak Banh Mi & Croque Monsieur from La Farm Bakery Bread Truck
Photo Credit: Grana Studios

This past weekend was the first night of the PNC Downtown Raleigh Movie Series, the crowd was abundant and the food trucks were whipping up some delicious treats. After figuring out what food we were in the mood for, our Editor and resident photographer found themselves in line at the La Farm Bakery bread truck. While waiting in line we poured over what to order from their gourmet sandwich selection, “The Mediterraneo… or the Steak Banh Mi… No, definitely the Croque Monsieur… but the Monte Cristo looks good too.”

About 15 minutes later we arrived at the front ready to order, our editor selected the Croque Monsieur (toasted la farm bread, local North Carolina city ham, gruyere, mozzarella with mornay sauce) and Herb, of Grana Studios, picked a blueberry raspberry scone and the Steak Banh Mi (marinated steak, fresh avacado, pickled carrots and more on a baguette). The total came out to a little over $20 for everything.

After a little wait (they were busy after all!) they handed over our sandwiches and they knew this was going to be something special. As you can see from the picture above, they couldn’t wait to try it out! Upon biting into the Croque Monsieur the flavors of ham and creamy cheeses were a perfect balance with the slices of toasted sourdough. Think of it as the best hot ham and cheese sandwich you’ve ever had.

Next up the Steak Banh Mi, traditionally a Vietnamese sandwich, was filled with tons flavor. The steak was tender and lightly marinated so it blended nicely with the accompanying pickled vegetables and slices of ripe avocado. The baguette had a nice crunch to the crust with a soft center that stood up well to the juices from the steak. It is a fresh sandwich that isn’t too heavy and leaves you wanting more.

Their sandwiches left such a great impression, they took a trip to their Cary bakery the next day! Pulling into the Preston Corners shopping area they were not surprised by the crowd entering/exiting the shop. After tasting a few samples they picked up a loaf of pan bread, several varieties of scones, pain au chocolat, a white chocolate baguette and a small tub of their Chipotle Pimento Cheese spread. All of which were consumed in about 48 hours.

If you are a lover of all things bread or pastry – visit La Farm Bakery in Cary or follow them on Facebook and find out where their bread truck will be! You won’t be disappointed. 

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