Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Part 2

Terry Johnson Jr. HeadshotNow that we all know what a woman’s shoe closet should look like, it’s time to take a moment and understand men’s shoe fashion. Here’s part 2 of Terry’s Fashion Fix.

By: Terry Johnson, Jr.

For men, the shoe experience may be slightly different. Most men shop for shoes by need and not want. It’s about the professional man in a suit & tie, to the construction worker needing a good pair of boots, to recreational or casual attire. They want comfort and style!

Shoes Every Man Should Own

RH_mensshoes_oxfordBlack Cap Toe/Plain Oxford Shoes are the only pair of black dress shoes you need. They go well with a black suit and evening/formal wear. By providing a military spit shine these shoes will last long and always look like new.

RH_mensshoes_wingtipsBrown Wingtips are a great shoe that is versatile. They can go with jeans or a suit (blue, grey, brown, or khaki) adding style to any wardrobe.

Driving Mocs are comfortable and durable. They can be worn with chinos, jeans, and shorts coming in a variety of colors in leather or suede. Easy slip-ons that provide a sense preppy to any wardrobe.

Casual/Canvas Sneakers adds fun to an outfit. They are light and appealing to the eye while maintaining your adulthood.


Loafers somewhat like the driving moc but more dressy. They can be worn with a suit, jeans, and shorts adding a sense of style and prestige to your look. 

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