Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Terry Johnson Jr. HeadshotThis month’s fashion feature is all about shoes and it is so fabulous we’ve decided to bring it to you in two parts! First, we’ll be showing all you ladies out there what styles you should have in your closet and how you can rock them. In the following week we’ll share what’s happening in men’s shoe must haves! So without further ado – here is the first installment from Fashion Contributor!

By: Terry Johnson, Jr.

We have them! We want them! We enjoy them! It’s all about slipping in the right ones… SHOES!


When it comes to fashion shoes could be one of the most self soothing pleasurable addictions. Some say shoes are like GREAT sex if not better. Shoes are a stroke of genius! The perfect fit, caressing your skin, all with the right stride can do a lot for a person. Besides the look and feel, all in all shoes are a very important part of our wardrobe. It can either make or break the look you are going for. The wrong shoe could take the sex appeal away.

Shoes speak volume:

  1. A person’s profession
  2. Type of day
  3. Personality
  4. A persons mood
  5. How one values shoes and style
  6. How important your feet are to you

Women will tell you that behind every shoe there is a story. Whether its flats, heels, boots, sandals, wedges or peep toe, there’s a story. You may have fond memories of shoes from your childhood, to being a raving teen, to finding one’s self as an adult. Women will also tell you that they have shoes that are uncomfortable or even painful to wear. Some women endure this for the attention she gets and how it makes her feel or look. It’s about looking the part & “Doing You”.

Having a foot fetish isn’t a bad thing. You can enjoy the anticipation of watching the shoe come off. Revealing what you want most. What’s within? For now just enjoy the stride!

Shoes Every Woman Should Own:

RH_skintonepumpsA skin tone pump (Pointed or Peep-toe) lengthens the leg and tends to go with almost anything. If you can afford it, Louboutin offers a collection called “The Nudes” that complement a range of skin tones.


Black/Brown Boots or should I say city boots; either knee high or over the knee with a low to mid level heel.

RH_balletflatsBallet Flats are a good alternative to heels. They come in almost every color and a preppy flare to any wardrobe.

Animal Print Heels add sexy to just about any wardrobe a woman has. A pair of jeans, a skirt, dress, shorts, and khakis just to name a few. The goal should never be to match them with the outfit but let the heel speak for itself. This is where the shoe becomes the conversation piece.

Wedges are fun and add excitementRH_wedges to your wardrobe. With a variety of colors and materials they can take an outfit from daytime work to nighttime fab.

Canvas/Casual Sneakers make for a good weekend shoe. This is the perfect casual fashion statement a woman can make that doesn’t take any time to put together and provides a sense of comfort.

RH_blackpumpsBlack Pumps, leather or suede, they are an essential work horse every woman needs. Because at the end of the day you can always depend on them to get the job done.

Metallic Heels either gold or silver are a good evening look.

Booties, preferably suede, are a must have. They work well during fall season but play well with jeans.

Flat Leather Sandals are the shoes you can throw on during the summer month’s everyday of the week.

RH_HappyHeelsGuilty Please – OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I PAID THIS MUCH FOR THESE, BUT THEY MAKE FEEL HAPPY SHOES are the one shoe you take out of the box or closet and just look at. These are the “work of art” shoes that just make you feel so BAD as in Sexy! The attention you get in this shoe is intoxicating and quiet as kept you love every minute of it. 

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