How to Shop Smart This Holiday Season!

ShoppingCart_GiftsHave you made your list? And checked it twice? Holiday shopping can be one of the most stressful things you do all year. That is, unless you have a plan in place! We’re here to help make your shopping trip(s) as stress free as possible.


Make Your List

  • List all of the people you need to purchase gifts for and group them by age, this way you can get each age group out of the way at once instead of trucking your cart back and forth throughout the store
  • Write down your preferred gift, store and budget for each person
  • Write down your secondary gift, store and budget for each person (in case your preferred gift is sold out or unavailable online you will already have a back up ready!)

Ads, Ads, and Ads Galore!

  • Most Black Friday and Holiday circulars are already out. Start comparing deals and marking down the date and time in your calendar to shop
  • Make sure you check your emails for additional online deals too
  • Phone apps like Shopular and Coupons may have extra deals as well

Plan Your Timing

  • Unless you are planning on making a big purchase like a new laptop, flat screen television or high tech electronic, chances are you won’t really need to be standing in line for hours just to get through the door so wait until the slow periods to run in and get your shopping done
    • Thursdays and Tuesdays are a chance for stores to reorganize/restock before and after the weekend
    • Daytime during the week is a prime time to take a long lunch and pick up the miscellaneous items on your list
  • Take your circulars and coupons with you in case there is a pricing discrepancy

Wrap it Up!

  • Once you’ve finished your shopping make sure you have stocked up on enough wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper, tape, ribbons and cards!

The holidays should be enjoyed – not stressed over! Make this holiday shopping experience better by getting ahead of the game and staying organized.

Happy shopping! 

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