The Starter Mom: An Ode to the End of Christmas


By Nicole Loughan

I hate to say it but I have had enough of the holidays. The treats, the lights, the movies, the music and the kids out of school, bah humbug. I’ve had enough. But in ten months when the stores roll out the Santas I will be humming Jingle Bells with the best of them. Until then I am working on my New Year’s resolution to lose weight for the 30th year in a row. I have already thrown that tree to the curb; well technically I dismantled it and put it in the basement. If you both love and hate the holidays please enjoy my ode to the end of the season, it’s full of rhymes for whatever reason.

It’s the month after Christmas and all over town
there are signs that the holidays were just around.
My trash is piled high with tinsel and wrapping.
My kids, full of candy, have trouble with napping.
Main street’s full of lights filling the rows,
The stores have sale signs in all the windows.
But worst of all is the junk piled up in my house.
It’s so bad we have finally attracted a mouse.
We are trying to clean it and throw out the treats.
But my kids have radar and they hone in on those sweets.
The holiday is over and I have started my cleanse,
It was good while it lasted but it’s best that it ends.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a major Grinch.
But, I don’t want more holiday cheer, not even a pinch.
I’m overloaded on Polar Express, Home Alone and on Elf.
I can’t even bear to look at that guy on the shelf.
The holidays are over and that’s okay with me.
My wallet is aching from the spending spree.
I went back to the store in my post holiday haze
ready to return to more normal days.
When what to my wondering eye did appear
but hearts, flowers and candy telling me Valentine’s was near.

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