Sweet Treats: Sugarland

Sugarland RaleighMost of us wake up in the morning thinking about what you have to get done that day, start your routine and then it’s time to sleep and start it all over again. It is important for us to take a step back and give ourselves a break to enjoy the simple things, like cupcakes! 

In the growing shopping location that is Cameron Village sits a small bakery/gelateria/coffee shop called Sugarland. On the outside this lovely shop is flanked by two adorable boutiques. On the inside you get a Candyland type of vibe with bubblegum blue walls and beautifully decorated cakes surrounding the perimeter of the store. Walking towards the cashier station you see several cases illuminating trays of exquisitely decorated cupcakes to the right and luscious pans of gelato to the left followed by the simple and clean café set up.

The atmosphere is always fun and light at Sugarland as are their cupcakes with flavors like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, German Chocolate, Thrilla in Vanilla and Boston Cream Pie – nothing simple about those flavors. How could you not want one…. Or five? They also feature several gluten-free cupcakes throughout the week, making sure our gluten-sensitive Raleighians are able to enjoy the sweet confection as well.

Be sure to stop in on Tuesdays to enjoy ½ price cupcakes all day for those who dine-in!

Sugarland is a great spot for a quick snack and cup of joe during a shopping trip or pick up some dessert for dinner later. Either way, we are happy they are in town. So take a break and treat yourself! 

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